Section policies

Thematic articles
Each issue presents an aspect of a same topic in the form of a thematic dossier. Guest editors usually solicit experts in the field and invite them to submit an article. Submission of texts in this section is for invited authors only. However, if you are interested in one of the topics to be published, please contact the editorial staff: admin [at] criminologie [dot] ca.

Open articles Each issue reserves a section for non-thematic articles, which includes articles submitted by researchers who wish to report on the results of their recent work. This section is open to everyone and covers a variety of topics. All articles submitted in this section are pre-assessed internally before being peer reviewed.

Peer review process

Each anonymized article is submitted to two anonymous reviewers.


All articles are submitted via our online management system hosted on this website. Authors who do not yet have an account can create one by clicking on this link.

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